Sharing Business Cards

Sharing Business Cards

Even in the times of revolutionary methods such as social media, search engine optimisation and pay per click to market your business. It’s often stated that business cards are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Rightly so, business cards have been around in business people’s card holders for many years now and with good reason.

So why should you carry a business card? It’s a consensus that business card gives out your first impression of the business. Ultimately a good business card should reflect upon what your business does. The exchange of a business card is a symbol of a newly established business connection. The exchange should be a smooth process; in this blog we discuss the general etiquettes for card exchanges.

Business Cards Should Be in Immaculate Condition

A business card that is crooked, twisted and contains creases should be disposed of as it should never be used. Think about it, a business card can represent an introduction to potential business opportunities, in networking events, it’s very possible that a recipient may not have not have visited your website and your business card could be the first marketing material from your business they come into contact with. You wouldn’t wear scruffy shoes or clothes to a networking event as it would be negative impression for your image, it’s the same principle.

Keep Your Cards in a Separate Space

It’s important to stay organised and you should keep business cards in a business card holder or a file. Business cards kept in wallet can be bent entailing that you have business cards that will be not good enough to give out and receiving a bent business card can illustrate a lack of disrespect. Once back to the office you should store them in a separate box so you do not lose them or input the detail in to your Outlook or CRM system, one should avoid the embarrassment of having to ask for a second business card.

Keep Your Business Cards Until Genuine Interest Is Shown

Giving your business card to anyone who isn’t interested in what your business offers is essentially ineffective marketing; it’s almost the equivalent of junk mail and we all know how much people hate junk mail. If there is a genuine interest or a spark shown by a prospect only then you should contemplate on giving out your business card. Never, hand out business cards as if you were giving out free samples, it looks incredibly tacky and unprofessional.

Follow Up Leads with an Email

Assuming you followed the previous tip, your recipients are qualified business leads; don’t let your hard work of exchanging business cards go to waste. Follow it up with an email, or a message via LinkedIn, it doesn’t always have to be hard sell, sometimes soft sell is the way to go. Have you written a new blog post on your website that is related to their needs? Ask them for their thoughts and comments on it.

Keep them in Good Supply and Look for Exchange Situations

You never know when you might need them, even at weekends. You should also look for opportunities where you might meet your target market such as networking events, trade shows and conventions.

Now that you’re armed with our top tips for business etiquette you know how to use your business cards effectively you can network away! For additional business advice you can speak to professional business experts, 123 Insolvency.