A black kitten smaller than a 2lb bag of sugar came into to my life 20 years ago to fill the gap as my husband worked away all week, the kitten was christened Whitney as all black and of good voice, however the vets made a mistake and the kitten we renamed Murphy due to his gender.

This little boy grew and grew until he was the size of a miniature dog, he provided unconditional love, and companionship did not welcome all visitors to the household he had a knack of sussing people out.

Some years later another little bundle joined the homestead this time the little bundle was a cream and tan Cavalier, named Amber, again Amber joined the family as on this occasion the husband had left for good, and Amber was to fill that gap and give me a reason to live.

She joined the home after an hour long car journey which was made more bearable by being cuddle by my neighbour’s daughter the whole of the journey. She was welcome into her new home after leaving her mother and siblings with the usual things a new basket, toys, treats, good food.

Another warm welcome was extended from the black boy(Murphy) he looked the same but much bigger walked on all fours but smelled different must have been a terrifying experience but from that moment on were best mates.

Murphy age 20 years passed away the later part of 2012, and Amber aged 13 ½ years passed away last Friday, on both these occasions I felt like I had been hit by a train traveling at ninety miles per hour I was not prepared, why not they were old and I knew that at some point they would die “Ostrich Scenerio”!

This can be related to people struggling with their finances, they are fully aware that the credit cards bills are getting larger but in some cases carry on spending and it is not until minimum payments can be paid that prompts a person to take action.

If running a company a director or directors are aware that cash flow is not good and struggling to pay bills as they fall due. It could be that the company has experienced a drop off in orders, or that there is a substantial number of quotes but these were not turning into orders and the pattern had been there for some time. Generally people carry on because they do not want to face the inevitably, we all need to face the inevitably regards of how painful it is going to be, sometimes we need to experience some pain to come out the other side.

One thing is for sure ignoring any financial problem will not help the sooner it is dealt with the sooner the situation can be resolved.

After my experiences one thing I can provide to any individual that has personal debt or a director of a limited company that is not doing well, is to provide empathy and compassion to see them through what needs to be done.

My beloved treasures no one could help because no one can produce miracles, but if you have financial problems company or personal there is help at hand contact 123insolvency without  further delay………