With more than a hundred years of experience under our belt, we know that this can be a stressful time and you may want answers to questions that you may not be prepared to ask just yet. 

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We treat all our cases as confidential and are approachable for any questions you may have about business and corporate insolvency when you are ready.

You may use the following FAQ as a guideline before you contact us directly for specific insolvency advice. You can also use the contact us form on our homepage, and we will contact you for a suitable time to discuss your needs and provide insolvency advice.


How much will it cost?

Each case is unique so the cost is from £2500 plus VAT

Who is in control of the Liquidation?

Shareholders and Directors pass a resolution to wind the company up and appoint a liquidator.

When would there be a Creditors’ Meeting?

The creditors meeting will take place approximately 4 weeks after you instruct us to proceed

Can the Creditors’ appoint another Liquidator?

The Creditors usually confirm the appointment of the liquidator purposed.

What happens to my Employees?

We will talk to them and explain to them what they are entitled to, and provide assistance to them in completing the appropriate forms. We are on hand to answer any of their queries thereafter. We support them until such time as they have received their payment.

What is Employee Entitlement?

  • Unpaid wages up to eight weeks.
  • Holiday pay (days outstanding) up to a maximum of six weeks.
  • Wages in lieu of no notice.
  • Redundancy Pay.

What do I tell Creditors?

Tell them to contact us, and pass any further correspondence to us also.

How long is the Process?

Usually a company can be in Liquidation within 4 weeks from the date of your formal instructions to us.

Can I use a similar name for a Successor Company?

Possibly, but discuss with us.  This is a complicated area, so guidance from us is paramount.

Can I be Director of another company?


For further definitions please visit our Business Glossary