confused man -in stormFor all those people that live in Britain the weather has certainly been unprecedented during the year of 2012. We have had what seems to be continuous rain; we have experienced flash flooding that we have never experienced before. People have had to deal with homes being flooded which include loosing treasure possessions that in some cases cannot be replaced. In a number of cases properties will have decreased in value because they have been subject to floods in addition may have higher premiums for insurance purposes, all at a time when people are already struggling with the constant increases on food, energy and fuel bills!

After the rain came the snow hopefully short lived but again caused mayhem and confusion as people unable to get to work, schools been closed, and retail hit again as people do not venture out and about, families and the elderly hit by higher fuel bills as the heating is turned up due to the cold.

Whether we are an individual or a company director dealing with finances how can we learn from these experiences?

As an individual we need to ensure we budget for the household, have a list of the income and expenditure and ensure it is update continually, where at all possible have an emergency fund also for those unexpected costs.

Director(s) running  limited companies should ensure that they have cash flow forecast produced weekly/monthly depending upon the size and financial state of the company, keep in close contact with the company accountant, retain a tight rein on debtors, make certain that invoices and statements are despatched promptly.


As a director of a company you should establish and maintain good relations with the bank manager dealing with the company’s bank account.  2013 let this year be different and make certain that your company provides a premium service to all your clients.


Do not let the unexpected cause you pain as an individual or a company owner, be prepared!


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